Why Digital

brand benefits

Digital printing enables brands of all sizes to go to market faster, rapidly make changes, and order low to medium quantities to demand with photo-quality graphics. Small and medium-sized businesses are able to launch products with the same professional packaging as global brands do.

benefits of digital printing

Digital printing is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses.

low minimum orders

Digital printing gives brands the ability to print to demand and place low minimum orders, drastically reducing costs, excess inventory and obsolete packaging. With our low minimum orders, brands can create limited edition packaging, run more promotions, and test new products in the market. Brands of all sizes can confidently make a big impact, without the cost and risk of committing to high minimum order quantities.

Time Icon

go to market in days, not months

You shouldn’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for your packaging. With digital printing, brands can take their new packaging to market in a matter of days, not months. Our efficient production process enables brands to submit their art file online, make last-minute adjustments as needed, approve their final artwork, and begin production. Once the artwork has been approved, roll stock is shipped in 5 business days and finished pouches are shipped in 15 business days.

run multiple SKUs in one job

Brands have the ability to run multiple SKUs in one job, without the added costs associated with plates and setup fees. Unlike traditional printing methods, with digital printing, brands can combine unlimited SKUs, each of which only requires a digital file. By combining SKUs into one run, brands are able to order exactly what they need, when they need it.

Cost Icon

no plate or set-up fees

By shifting to digitally printed flexible packaging, setup and plate fees become a thing of the past. Traditional printing methods require plate fees and high minimums for each SKU, resulting in large upfront investments and unused inventory. The digital printing process doesn’t require plates, which means zero setup fees and more flexibility. Due to this added benefit, brands have the ability to make changes without the added costs of purchasing new plates.

digitally enhanced packaging

Digital printing is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses.

Digital printing is the only print technology capable of processing variable data and graphics. Brands are able to highly customize, even personalize, each and even package created. With digital printing, ePac customers can enhance product shelf presence, create digital consumer engagement experiences, and even guard against counterfeiting.

connected packaging from ePacConnect

With ePacConnect, serialized QR codes can be added to each individual package in order to enhance consumer engagement, verify product authenticity and track your products along their journey to point of purchase, and beyond!

consumer engagement

Increase brand awareness and enhance consumer engagement with interactive content, games, rewards, loyalty programs and more.

product authentication + brand protection

Safeguard your products against gray market activities and keep your consumers safe by verifying authenticity straight from the packaging.

supply chain track + trace

Give consumers visibility into your product’s journey from cradle to grave, while gaining insight into your supply chain and gathering actionable data along the way.

product differentiation


HP’s SmartStream Mosaic software allows you to create unique graphics for your packaging so that each individual package design is different. Sections of colors and patterns are picked up by rotating, zooming and transposing the seed file or pattern and then a new, unique design is created for each package. 

metallic effects

Add metallic effects to your packaging design to emphasize either certain parts of your design, brand or logo, or the entire package. Metallic effects can help highlight your logo, branding and ensure that your entire packaging is eye-catching and stands out on shelf.


HP SmartStream Collage allows for the creation of designs based on repeating, reorganizing and resizing different combinations of basic elements. This flexibility allows brands to maximize creative freedom, while retaining control over the visual identity and assuring brand integrity. Personalization is also possible with this technology.