Cannabis: The Future is Flexible

03 Apr2018

Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states as well as Washington, D.C., and in eight states the recreational use of the product is now legal. This (fairly) new consumer market is growing and with it comes the question of how to safely and effectively package the product. The packaging should inform, preserve and ultimately keep the product out of the wrong hands. But, how?

With strict regulations and state-specific laws, producers face many challenges. Processors and packagers must comply with current and future regulations, and since cannabis is a medical product, they must package their products in a responsible manner. Flexible cannabis packaging offers this, and more, with child-proof, tamper-evident closures to make sure the cannabis is used only for who it is intended. These closures offer a tight seal that is very difficult for children to use, and the strong closure keeps oxygen out, preserving the contents inside.

We can’t talk about cannabis without talking about edibles, as a large number of users prefer to consume the product that way. A great option for edibles is a resealable bag to keep the product fresh for multiple uses. Edibles are considered both a food and a pharmaceutical product, so special considerations must be made. These bags should be tamper-evident and child-resistant to keep the product as safe as possible for the consumer, as well as any unintended consumers, like children. Especially when talking about edibles, child-resistance is a major factor as children may naturally be drawn to a pouch of gummies or cookies that look like simple food items. States already have laws surrounding child safety and compliance with the Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

Flexible pouches offer a lot of practical benefits to processors; their light weight costs less to ship, pouches offer a large printing area for branding, and safety features that keep the package compliant. What’s more is that flexible packaging lends itself to full digital printing, offering custom printed packaging to producers fast. At ePac, we partner with you and ship all orders within 10 business days. We are the first company designed from the ground up to leverage digital technology, so we focus solely on short to medium run length and quick turnaround business.

Another big benefit to flexible pouches is barrier protection. Films used in pouches offer a barrier to retain the product’s freshness, control the odor, and minimize the transfer of oxygen and moisture vapor. Pouches also eliminate the need for several packaging layers, such as a carton overlay box and label. Because of this, the format offers a lightweight option that can save money and benefit the environment. The pouch also offers a large canvas for packagers to display branding logos, colors and design, as well as essential dosing information, warnings and ingredients. Without the constraints of a certain label size, the opportunities are endless. Digital printing offers exceptional quality of graphics that exceeds that of conventional printing.

A good package should preserve freshness, meet safety expectations, and be cost effective. It should also be delivered to cannabis processors to start packaging their products quickly. Let us show you how the latest wide-web digital printing technology can enable you to “print on demand,” thus eliminating costly inventory, while producing an impactful package that serves the dual purpose of protection and aesthetics. When looking at packaging options for cannabis, including edibles, the future holds much opportunity, especially with flexible packaging.