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20 Sep2019

Meet Ian, ePac’s First Summer Intern

This summer was momentous for ePac - we had our first ever summer intern! Ian Gelerman spent the summer interning our Boston, Massachusetts plant, learning the ropes from general manager Tim Novak and the sales team while helping put on a big event: the ePac Boston grand opening party. We took some time to chat with Ian about his experience interning with ePac...

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11 Sep2019

CASE STUDY: Smackin’ Snacks

Home-Run Snack Line Launches In Just Weeks Cole Schaefer was born an entrepreneur. He was also born with a serious love for baseball, playing the game since the age of three. Growing up in the sport, he quickly became an avid lover of, you guessed it, sunflower s...

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06 Sep2019

Flexible Packaging is the Future: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Make your way down just about any aisle at your local grocery store or Whole Foods, and you’ll find it bursting with a variety of package structures. Boxes of cereal, bags of chips, pouches of granola, cartons of milk, jars of peanut butter. These more traditional packaging structures are what we have come to know and expect with certain products.

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28 Aug2019

Netflix & Print: How On-Demand is Changing the Way Brands Do Packaging

Picture this: It’s 11 am, and you’re sitting in a meeting when you get a serious craving for pad thai. Without hesitation, you pick up your phone, open your Uber Eats or Door-Dash app, and hit ‘order.’  Later that day, you remember that you’re out of a few household items, including those double-A batteries that you keep ...

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15 Aug2019

6 Must-Haves of Granola Packaging

The snack food market is vast, with innovative and health-conscious snack brands emerging in the market on a regular basis. The highly competitive nature of the snack food market requires brands to stay top of mind for their customers, evolving to meet their needs and preferences.  Whether you’re a new-to-market snack bra...

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08 Aug2019

Bright Innovations Place Pouches In Packaging Spotlight

Due to the innovative and collaborative spirit of the flexible packaging industry, pouches have become the fastest-growing packaging segment. In recent years there have been significant developments made to every feature of the package, from increases in sustainability to new interactive consumer features. Many companies in the industry are working on implementing more active and intelligent...

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02 Aug2019

5 Common Pre-Press Mistakes to Avoid

Prior to a flexible package being printed, the design starts as a digital file. These files contain more than just the design, and each piece allows a pre-press coordinator to prepare your design to go from a digital file to a physical stand-up pouch, lay flat pouch, or

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17 Jul2019

Podcast Recap: Where to Start When Developing Flexible Packaging

As a new brand owner, you know that packaging is more than just a way to deliver your product to consumers. It is a marketing tool that tells your brand’s story and creates a consumer experience. But when just starting your consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand, it can be difficult to know your exact packaging needs. ePac Flexible Packaging Co-Founder and CMO, Carl Joachim, and VP of Sales, Du...

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10 Jul2019

Recyclable Pouches: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Going Green

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a part of a CPG brand that’s curious about adding a recyclable pouch or rollstock to your product offering. The rise in popularity of eco-friendly products and consumer concerns over packaging waste has led many brands, like yours, to consider shifting to more sustainable efforts.

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03 Jul2019

CASE STUDY: Primal Noms

Custom Packaging Positions Primal Noms Keto Mug Cakes As The Market Leader Primal Noms owners, Matt and Alli Owen, are on a quest to be the healthiest versions of themselves, and part of that quest is following the ketogenic, or keto diet. Because sweet cravings can be hard to ignore regardless of the type of diet you follow, they created Prima...

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25 Jun2019

Child-Resistant Packaging: What You Need to Know

Creating the perfect packaging for your brand is a rewarding process. You work hard to ensure that the packaging will effectively keep the product fresh, protect it during transit, and deliver key information to consumers, all while being durable and engaging.  We know that all of these factors are important as you str...

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19 Jun2019

ePac Austin Celebrates Grand Opening with Naturally Austin

The ePac Austin plant celebrated their grand opening by teaming up with Naturally Austin, a collaborative community organization that supports growing brands and CPG/natural products professionals in Austin, to host a summertime kickoff event. The event was hosted at the newly opened 20,000 square foot...

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13 Jun2019

Is Contract Packaging or Manufacturing Right for You? Part One

As your brand grows, there are many decisions to consider as you work to optimize sourcing, production, packaging, and distribution in order to keep the momentum going. Perhaps a product launch in a new market is up for discussion. Maybe you’re interested in moving a core product from bag-in-box packaging to a

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10 Jun2019

Closure Options for Your Flexible Packaging: What You Need to Know

Picture this: you’re running into your local grocery store to stock up for your annual summertime road trip to the beach with your family. Your number one goal is to find snacks for the 8-hour road trip ahead of you with your 3 children. As you stand in front of the rows of packaged snack options, flashbacks of last year’...

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30 May2019

CASE STUDY: Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy Delivers An “Open Pouch” Experience In today’s subscription box culture, one subscription brand did something unlike anyone else: they chose a pouch instead of a box for its mailed goods to deliver a truly unique experience. And

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20 May2019

How Chinese Tariffs Impact Flexible Packaging: What You Need to Know

If you’re a business owner, news of the recent tariff increase has likely made its way into your awareness. If this is news to you, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but as of Friday, May 10, 2019, a 25 percent tariff is now being imposed on nearly 6,000 categories of Chinese products imported into the ...

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09 May2019

That’s A Wrap! Wrapping Up Baked Goods for Optimum Freshness

Who doesn’t love warm, fresh-baked bread? Or, a perfectly moist cake? Bakery items are the ultimate comfort food, whether it be sweet cakes, pies, savory bagels or fresh-baked bread, we all can agree that baked goods make us feel a little bit better after a long day. To give us all that comfort we crave,

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07 May2019

Digital Printing: NOT Just for Short Runs

Have you heard the myth that digital printing is only for small businesses that only have a need to produce short runs? Well, we’re here to tell you that this just isn’t true. Digital printing is capable of producing large orders with quality, sharp and consistent graphics for a supe...

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01 May2019

Packaging Lawn & Garden Products for The New Generation of Gardeners

Gardening is no longer reserved for plant enthusiasts and avid backyard gardeners.  It seems more and more people are taking up gardening in their spare time. Whether it’s a beautiful potted flower plant or lush vegetable garden, or just making sure your house has great curb appeal, it seems like everyone is planting something. And chances are if they’re not doin...

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25 Apr2019


For Iya Foods, It’s ALL About Connecting with Consumers Through Packaging Toyin Kolawole loves food. She also has a natural talent for business, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an eye for great packaging. Kolawole was born in Nigeria to an entrepreneurial family that owned several businesses, including a l...

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23 Apr2019

Premium Pet Food Packaging: Capturing The Attention of Today’s Pet Owner

The pet food market is highly competitive, with small, local, and big-name brands all sharing the same shelf. Since your packaging is the first thing people see, it should not only be functional, but innovative, too. Because of this, all brands are looking for ways to make their product, and line-up unique, to stand out in the growing segment.

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12 Apr2019

Excess Inventory is Costing You Money, Here’s What You Can Do About It

Picture this: your brand partners with a packaging company for your full line of new paleo granola products. You’re so excited to get your granola on the shelves and in front of customers! The minimum order for the packaging is high, but with the hundred other things on your plate and the sheer excitement of finally getting packaging, you agree and place the orde...

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11 Apr2019

Confectionery Packaging: How to Increase Consumer Engagement & Extend Shelf Life

Standing out from the competition in any industry is a must when launching or relaunching your product. Whether you’re a small or start-up business, or a seasoned packager, you know how important it is to stand out from the crowd with packaging that communicates your brand’s value. Keeping up with current trends can help you determine what consumers want in the b...

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05 Apr2019

Is Digital Printing Really Better Than Conventional Printing? A Look at The Biggest Benefits of Digital Printing

The right package design, supplier, and production process are all so fundamental to your brand’s success. Whether you’re a new business just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, you know the importance of delivering a winning product in superior packaging. And you know how important it is to work with a supplier that can deliver fast, accurate and affordable wor...

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05 Apr2019

When It Comes to Jerky Packaging, It’s All About Freshness

Move over potato chips, there’s a new savory snack on the scene that is filling grocery carts as more consumers opt for healthier, higher protein snacks. What is it? It’s meat snacks, and more specifically- meat sticks and jerky. Meat snacks have come a long way since the Slim Jim, and there seems to be an endle...

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01 Apr2019

Know Your Market: Leveraging Package Design to Influence Buyers

When you think about product packaging, it’s hard not to consider design. What your package looks like is often the first impression you’re making on your customer. And as we know, first impressions are everything. In fact, you have approximately 3 seconds to capture a consumer’s attention. Let’s say you’ve got a great product that you know consumers will love. The next step is...

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29 Mar2019

The 3 Must-Haves of Successful Frozen Food Packaging

The frozen foods segment delivers easy and healthy options to consumers looking for a quick meal prep and added convenience to their busy day. When developing packaging for this segment, consider what’s important to the consumer, and how the package will fit into their daily lives. Flexible packaging offers consumers a variety of user-friendly features, and consumers love them. According ...

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25 Mar2019

Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring A Flexible Packaging Company

Are you struggling to find the right flexible packaging supplier for your company’s needs? Have you found a handful of potential packaging partners, but aren’t sure which is the best fit for your business? Whether you’re a new brand seeking out a flexible packaging supplier, or a seasoned business interested in taking adv...

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15 Feb2019

Unearthing the Differences Between Compostable and Recyclable Packaging

In the world of packaging, especially flexible packaging, there is a lot of talk about sustainability, as well as recycling and composting. What are the differences between a recyclable and compostable package, and in what other ways can packagers be sustainable? Before we dive into the differences between compostable and recyclable packaging, let's take a look at some of the benefi...

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15 Feb2019

The Design Features that Make Pouches the Best Option for Nutritional Supplement Packaging

An aging population and growing health concerns, including simply adopting a healthier lifestyle, are pushing the nutritional supplement market toward more growth. Consumers are busier than ever, and looking to easy ways to add better nutrition to their diets in the form of proteins, herbs, fatty acids, vitamins and energy supplements. The rise in lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and obesit...

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30 Jan2019

CASE STUDY: Gezellig Cookies

Dutch Cookies Stay Cozy in Pouches Cassandra Plas started Gezellig Cookies because of her fondness for the Dutch cookies her Oma would make for her while growing up. As an adult, she missed the cookies so must she started making them, giving them away to family and friends, and then in 2015 founded Gezellig Cookies. Located in Central Florida, Gezellig Cookies, which is a Dutch word w...

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29 Jan2019

CASE STUDY: Skratch Labs

After 5 years in business, Skratch Labs renamed its entire line of products and created entirely new packaging to make it easier for the customer to understand the product, as well as establish brand consistency. Although development took 10 months, this new product packaging offers many benefits: Increased moisture...

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07 Jan2019

Wrapping Up Food in New Ways: How Consumer Packaged Goods Look in 2019

Based on industry focus and consumer expectations of the past year, 2019 looks to be a time of change. Packaging is likely to take new forms as companies reevaluate old approaches to cater to an evolving market. Sustainable Processes Customers want assurance that their products are packaged sustainably. This push encompasses the production of recyclable and reusable ...

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07 Jan2019

Industry Insights: Packaging Predictions for 2019

The packaging industry continues to evolve with consumer expectations and 2019 is likely to show change in several sectors. Among the most prominent are sustainability and customization, which appear to be growing in demand. Sustainability The push for completely recyclable packaging is immense and businesses appear to be moving away from single-use plastics. The com...

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26 Nov2018

CASE STUDY: Evolve Brands

Evolve Brands is out to make the world a better place through mindful snacking. The company’s two brands, Gorilly Goods and Supernola, are organic, plant-based, non-gmo, and gluten-free snacks that boast real ingredients. Both brands are packaged in on-the-go, flexible, single-serve bags from ePac flexible packaging, the first supplier in North America built entire...

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07 Nov2018

CASE STUDY: Ancient Ingrained

It started off as a classic “there could be a better way” story. As a health-conscious consumer, Dustin Finkel has always been cognizant of the foods he eats. And while many brands have developed “healthy” chips and snacks, he found that they’re often packed with fillers, bad fats and suspect product messaging on the package....

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31 Oct2018

Top Benefits of Printing On Demand

There are a lot of well-established benefits when it comes to digital printing. Some of the most popular are how the technology better enables short run flexible packaging production by eliminating plate fabrication and other set-up costs. This can help enable SKU proliferation, rapid time to market, custom food packaging, and seasonal promotions. Other

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31 Oct2018

Flexible Packaging’s Role in Fighting Food Waste

Flexible packaging is getting more sustainable thanks to developments in recyclable and compostable films, more efficient equipment, solventless inks and more, but there’s one other major sustainability category that flexible formats can greatly help with that should be getting more attention: food waste. Consider this: Water...

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04 Oct2018

Tariff Trouble or Flexible Local Supply? You Choose

If you have been contemplating importing pouches or rollstock from China; are already trying to navigate the choppy seas of the language barrier, freight hassles, and quality concerns; or you just got hit with price increases on your imported goods—you know that the latest headlines on trade tariffs are just going to further complicate your business.

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18 Sep2018

CASE STUDY: West Shore Foods LLC

Digital Printing Gets New Products to Market Quickly West Shore Foods, LLC is a food technology company that specializes in creating natural, minimal-ingredient, dried snacks. One of the owners is J. Hugh Wiebe, a serial entrepreneur who founded Brookside Chocolates. With a strong focus on innovation, ...

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24 Jul2018

ePac Company Update

When ePac opened its doors in 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin - we were a start-up business seeking to provide brands of all sizes a better, simpler way to buy flexible packaging.  Built around state-of-art digital printing technology from HP, the Indigo 20000, we sought to provide brands rapid turnaround, great graphics quality, and competitively pri...

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24 Jul2018

Compostable Film is Making Strides

Sustainable, recycled, and plant-based materials are all words widely used in packaging today. Many consumer-packaged brands are now offering their products in eco-friendly options to address the ever-rising pressure packagers face to adopt sustainable materials and practices into their business models. Consumer concern triggers these companies to look for sustainable solutions to address the w...

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18 Jun2018
Market-Like-the-Big-Boys-with- Digitally-Printed-Pouches

Market Like the Big Boys with Digitally Printed Pouches

Business experts generally agree that small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are one of the driving forces of the American economy. A 2017 report from Deloitte, in fact, calls SMBs “the backbone of the U.S. economy” and “significant drivers of economic growth, job creation and new innovation in the U.S.” ** As recently as the 1980s and 1990s, the U.S. packaging industry revolved around big con...

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04 Jun2018

On-The-Go Snacking and the Powerful Pouch

Today we all seem to snack more, whether it’s breakfast on the go, snacking between meals, or as meal replacements. While it is common at home, most of our snacking is done on the go; in the car, at our desks, or while walking down the street. And this trend isn’t just affecting adults; kids, toddlers, and babies are snacking too. Luckily, consumer goods companie...

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27 Apr2018

Flexible Barrier Plastic Pouches Protect Shelf Life and Boost Your Brand

What makes your product unique? Is it a new type of crispy snack or a dynamite dog treat? Whatever the category, your product has a one-of-a-kind combination of flavors, aromas and textures. And the flexible pouch containing it has to protect those unique attributes, throughout its shelf life, until the consumer experiences it after purchase. That’s what strength...

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25 Apr2018

Adding Value to Flexible Packaging Through High-Impact Graphics

Package design is the first thing consumers notice about your product. Design has the power to draw consumers in, get them to pick the product up and even make a purchase. Several design themes seem to do the trick, from bright and bold, to purposeful and minimal, as well as realistic depictions of the product inside. One thing is clear, high-impact graphics add ...

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03 Apr2018

You Can Get the Flexible Packaging Graphics You Want—Digitally

If you’re a brand owner looking to harness the advantages of flexible packaging, the promise of efficient short runs and quick delivery are attractive incentives. By now you’ve learned that ePac Flexible Packaging offers short- to medium-run length orders, and 10-day turnaround for your finished pouches or roll stock, using the latest wide-web digital printing te...

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