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04 Oct2018

Tariff Trouble or Flexible Local Supply? You Choose

If you have been contemplating importing pouches or rollstock from China; are already trying to navigate the choppy seas of the language barrier, freight hassles, and quality concerns; or you just got hit with price increases on your imported goods—you know that the latest headlines on trade tariffs are just going to further complicate your business.

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18 Sep2018

West Shore Foods LLC Case Study

Digital Printing Gets New Products to Market Quickly West Shore Foods, LLC is a food technology company that specializes in creating natural, minimal-ingredient, dried snacks. One of the owners is J. Hugh Wiebe, a serial entrepreneur who founded Brookside Chocolates. With a strong focus on innovation, ...

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24 Jul2018

ePac Company Update

When ePac opened its doors in 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin - we were a start-up business seeking to provide brands of all sizes a better, simpler way to buy flexible packaging.  Built around state-of-art digital printing technology from HP, the Indigo 20000, we sought to provide brands rapid turnaround, great graphics quality, and competitively priced short and medium run length orders.  ...

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24 Jul2018

Compostable Film is Making Strides

Sustainable, recycled, and plant-based materials are all words widely used in packaging today. Many consumer-packaged brands are now offering their products in eco-friendly options to address the ever-rising pressure packagers face to adopt sustainable materials and practices into their business models. Consumer concern triggers these companies to look for sustainable solutions to address the w...

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18 Jun2018
Market-Like-the-Big-Boys-with- Digitally-Printed-Pouches

Market Like the Big Boys with Digitally Printed Pouches

Business experts generally agree that small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are one of the driving forces of the American economy. A 2017 report from Deloitte, in fact, calls SMBs “the backbone of the U.S. economy” and “significant drivers of economic growth, job creation and new innovation in the U.S.” ** As recently as the 1980s and 1990s, the U.S. packaging industry revolved around big con...

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04 Jun2018

On-The-Go Snacking and the Powerful Pouch

Today we all seem to snack more, whether it’s breakfast on the go, snacking between meals, or as meal replacements. While it is common at home, most of our snacking is done on the go; in the car, at our desks, or while walking down the street. And this trend isn’t just affecting adults; kids, toddlers and babies are snacking too. Luckily, consumer goods companies...

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27 Apr2018

Flexible Barrier Plastic Pouches Protect Shelf Life and Boost Your Brand

What makes your product unique? Is it a new type of crispy snack, a marijuana edible, a dynamite dog treat? Whatever the category, your product has a one-of-a-kind combination of flavors, aromas and textures. And the flexible pouch containing it has to protect those unique attributes, throughout its shelf life, until the consumer experiences it after purchase. Th...

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25 Apr2018

Adding Value to Flexible Packaging Through High-Impact Graphics

Package design is the first thing consumers notice about your product. Design has the power to draw consumers in, get them to pick the product up and even make a purchase. Several design themes seem to do the trick, from bright and bold, to purposeful and minimal, as well as realistic depictions of the product inside. One thing is clear, high-impact graphics add ...

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03 Apr2018

You Can Get the Flexible Packaging Graphics You Want—Digitally

If you’re a brand owner looking to harness the advantages of flexible packaging, the promise of efficient short runs and quick delivery are attractive incentives. By now you’ve learned that ePac Flexible Packaging offers short- to medium-run length orders, and 10-day turnaround for your finished pouches or roll stock, using the latest wide-web digital printing te...

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