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22 May2020

More Cheese Please: The Biggest Opportunities Within the Cheese Market

It’s no secret that consumers love cheese. From snacks to sandwiches, dips, and even cheese boards, cheese is a crowd favorite. Today’s cheese aisles are crowded with a variety of options for bricks, shreds, snacks, and slices. There’s the simple picks and the gourmet options, and just about everything in between. Because of this, as a brand owner, it takes effort to ge...

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20 Apr2020

Verb Energy Supports Healthcare Heroes During COVID-19, One Bar At A Time

As countries around the world feel the effects of COVID-19, one thing has been made incredibly clear: the expertise and dedication of our healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics are truly essential. As these healthcare workers continue to put in long hours at the forefront of this pandemic, people around the country have come together to help th...

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16 Apr2020

Sales in The Freezer Aisle Are Heating Up, In Light of The Coronavirus Shopping Trends

It’s no secret that the virus is having a tremendous impact on the nation’s health and economy. By now most industries are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 crisis as orders to quarantine or shelter-in-place affect businesses around the country. The packaged food industry, in particular, is experiencing explosive growth as consumers rush to stores and stockpile packag...

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10 Apr2020

Interview with Johnny Hobeika

At the 2020 Online Print Symposium in Munich, Johnny Hobeika, Managing Director of ePac Holdings Europe, was interviewed about ePac’s capabilities and goals for disrupting the flexible packaging industry, one pouch at a time.  Hobeika discussed the uniquely quick turnaround times (10-15 days) that gave ePac a nam...

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07 Apr2020

What Is The SQF Program & Why Is It So Important?

As a brand owner, you know how important safety and quality are for all your processes. If you’ve been in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry long enough, chances are you’ve heard the letters SQF when talking about food or manufacturing plant safety. Maybe you’ve heard that SQF is important, but not what makes this certification globally respected and recognized....

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